Don't fall into the trap of fast homeware

Fast fashion companies have rightly been front page news for a while but what about fast homeware?

In her article on how fast homeware is the new fast fashion, Sadhbh O'Sullivan quoted writer and art director Fredericke Winkler, who said that "customers are now approaching the homeware category in the same way they buy their clothes: trend-oriented, impulsive and seasonal."

That was pre-pandemic, before we were confined in our homes and the urge to redecorate was real. In the monotony of waking up and living our whole lives in one space homeware became a lifeline; a way to create a little variety in our lives. The downside? Just like the fast fashion industry, the more we consume the worse it is for the environment. 

Let's rewind, what exactly is fast homeware? 

Fast Homeware is a relatively new term that refers to the way more and more of us are treating our homeware as disposable. Instead of out with the old and in with the new, it’s out with the new and in with the newer. Big fast fashion retailers have responded to this demand with their own homeware collections; using the same unethical and unsustainable practices as they do in fast fashion. 

The danger of letting our homeware be taken over by the fast fashion industry is that once you buy into trends you commit to re-styling your home every season. So while the initial cost is low, by the end of the year you’ve racked up quite the bill. Not to mention the price you’ve put on the planet.

But I love personalising and decorating my home, what can I do about it?

We do too! We will never be against making our homes feel like a safe and cosy sanctuary. Here's a few ideas for how you can change up your interiors without contributing to fast homeware:

Sell, donate or swap pieces that you’ve outgrown.

Boot fairs, Facebook Marketplace and charity shops are great ways to give your unwanted items a second home. Looking for something new? They happen to be absolute goldmines for finding pre-loved treasures that can reinvent your space.

Homeware swap anyone?

We've all heard of clothes swapping but why not get your friends together for an evening of homeware swapping as well? I bet your friend would swoon over that vase you've fallen out of love with. 

Get your paintbrush out!

Kitchen chairs got you feeling glum every time you sit down to eat? Why not try up cycling to make you fall in love with them again. We bet you've got a load of old tester pots sitting around. Try just painting the legs for a pop of colour.

Shop your home.

Moving your furniture around can make your space feel new again. Even something as simple as swapping the cushions from your bedroom and living room can make all the difference. 

Make more mindful purchases.

Finally - and we can help you with this one - try shopping from independent businesses who prioritise ethical and eco practices above all else. Sadly a lot of big brand retailers scrimp on quality, sustainability and worker conditions. 

At Settle, we offer a way to refresh your interior the sustainable way. Our dog beds are made from recycled materials inside and out and our stylish designs are printed using biodegradable inks using no waste water.

One of our favourite parts? When your bed gets dirty or you fancy a new look, change the sheets, not the whole bed. Removable, wipeable and machine washable. Settle's changeable covers are a sustainable way to create variety and super practical too! Buy a bed and get 25% off a spare cover here.

The homeware industry has a bad reputation when it comes to sustainability, we hope you'll help us change that.