Sustainability, Style and Dogs: All your favourite things in one brand

Hello, we're Settle. An independent, UK based business that aims to solve all your dog bed woes. Founded during lockdown, we're here to oust the ugly dog bed!

During the past year, a lot of us have finally found the time to introduce a dog into our lives and give them the love and attention they deserve. We’ve got your dog in mind with the way we design our beds, and you in mind with our on-trend patterns created to be as stylish as the rest of your home. 

Our beds are created for the interior obsessed

Settle Monochrome Dog Bed

We know how each home is individual, with a style carefully curated by you. Taking inspiration from the latest interior trends, our original designs are super versatile meaning there's a look for you whether you're into your bold brights or calming neutrals. We're here to officially reclaim the dog bed as a home furnishing that will never look out of place with your personal interior style. Shop the collection here.

Environmental sustainability is a non-negotiable

Settle Terrazzo Small Dog Bed Poochon

You know all those plastic bottles clogging up the landfills and the oceans? Well, we repurpose them and use them to make not only the recycled polyester filling for our beds, but the silky soft covers too. In fact, Settle is committed to protecting the environment right down to our eco-friendly packaging and planet-friendly printing process.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, our beds are specifically designed for longevity. We've seen way too many other dog beds go flat as a pancake after a week of use. We make beds that last, like really last.

Want more information on our eco practices? We go all in on our Sustainability page here.

At Settle, we believe in comfort AND style, not one or the other

Settle Abstract Large Dog Bed

Our dog beds are stuffed full with 100% recycled materials providing unrivalled support and ultimate relaxation after a tiring day of sniffing and fetching. Our super plump bolsters provide a place to rest their chin and combined with the soft inner mattress, create a cosy den for them to snuggle down into.

Oh and another thing, Settle beds keep their shape - you won’t find all the stuffing moving to one corner of the bed leaving it looking limp and lifeless.

Settle beds are generously sized and available in small, medium and large so every dog, from your Pomsky puppy to your Tibetan Mastiff, can luxuriate in one of our beds. Check out our size guide here for more info.

We've got your covered - literally

Settle Dog Bed Spare Covers

All of our beds have changeable covers that you can wipe, wash or even switch out to another design. Spare covers are available in any design and size. Check out our bundles and save 25% on a spare cover when you buy a bed.

Machine washable at 30 degrees, quick drying, and easy to change. Your dog can now get their fresh sheet feeling too!

As most of us will admit, we can’t help but spoil our dogs, and a Settle bed is the ultimate luxury for your precious pet. Comfortable, stylish and most importantly, sustainable.